Below are a list of useful links that pertain to different aspects of 20th Century history. I have selected only the links that I personally find useful, so hopefully no dross.

Russia Links:


This is my new blog on Soviet History, We Need To Talk About Lenin


The best website on Soviet Russia I have ever come across, and another site that explains the revolution, a little more Marxist in emphasis 

Nestor Makhno, a legend, revolutionary, poet and hero


Victor Serge, dissident and critic


Lenin's friend and Stalin's dupe: Maxim Gorky


A Lenin Archive, and here also is an interesting essay on Lenin's later writings


Orlando Figes website, great for primary evidence on Stalin's Terror and a great source on collectivisation. Here also is a web page devoted to Soviet stamps and the secret state


Memorial, Russia's human rights organisation


The Gulags


The New Soviet Man


 This is brilliant, a whole society dedicated to the anti bolshevik British agent Sidney Reilly


Here are the writings of the ever so brutal Felix Dzerzhinsky


And a brilliant page on the birth of Soviet photography, followed by an excellent new blog on Soviet Era art and culture and a site dedicated to a documentary on Kurchatov


This is a brilliant blog page generally on Russia, quite academic but full of essential reading for people who want to really advance their understanding. Here is another blog by Sarah J. Young, very good for Dostoevesky and Varlam Shalamov.


Again this is an excellent blog on Russia at war, academic and full of amazing details, and here is the Economists Blog on Post Soviet Eastern Europe and Russia 


This too is an interesting blog page, nice  article on the battleship Aurora


Here is a link to the Trotsky museum in Coyoacan in Mexico, detailing his assassination



Germany Links:


Here is my new blog The Little Corporal about perspectives on Nazism


Ribbentrop, bang to rights


The Hossbach memorandum


Ludendorff at war, and here is Richard J Evans on the subject of Stalingrad


A good article on German hyper inflation


An archive of Bertold Brecht, Weimar satirist and playwright, and a handy site on Bauhaus art and Hitler's ideas about what constituted 'degenerate art'


Here is the best web page for the Weimar Era critic and intellectual, Walter Benjamin that I have found so far online


Here is an account of the Dachau Massacre of 1945, where US troops delivered a summary justice to SS guards


This is a review of Ian Kershaw's famous 'Working towards the Fuhrer' theory, and a roundup of a lecture he gave on his new book The End, why Germany went on fighting until anihilation


Here too, is a good resource on the life and death of the revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg


Here are some thoughts on the Reichstag Fire


A page that looks at the roles and responsibilities of the police from Weimar to Nazi Germany


Here is Marxist historian Tim Mason on the workers' opposition in Nazi Germany





Italy Links:


An interesting review of The White War, an account of Italy's catastrophic involvement in World War One


A great account of the battle of Carporetto, Italy's Somme


The life and times of the first Italian fascist Gabrielle D'annunzio and his war record


Just some of the vast legacy of Antonio Gramsci


A contemporary account of Mussolini's struggle to prop up the Italian Lira


A schools history resource from the National Archives on Mussolini and Abyssinia


The Italian army and state during World War Two


A timeline of events in Fascist Italy


Time Magazine's write up of the trial of Matteotti's murderers


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America Links:


Here is ny new blog on US diplomacy in the run up to World War Two: Arsenals Of Democracy


The Roaring 20's a great summary and this is a massively useful archive of all things 1920's and 1930s and this is perhaps even better, featuring US newspaper archives from the 1920s


A short version of the Red Scare 1918-20 and here too, also the judicial murder of Sacco and Vanzetti and this is the best site for radical histories of the USA, it includes Howard Zinn's A People's History of America


Here are recordings of recollections of men who fought in World War One and who participated in the 1920 election. Here too is a breathtakingly encyclopedic site on the American Civil War


A really comprehensive source of information on the Scopes 'Monkey' Trial and here as well


This is a Marxist take on the Wall Street Crash


And an official White House take on FDR and here is his Four Freedoms Speech


This site is a one stop shop for all your Watergate needs, and here are the Watergate tapes


In a fit of idealistic zeal, here is John Lennon, performing his protest song John Sinclair and here is a quick roundup of the protest movement


This I particularly liked, it's a New Yorker article about the rise in inequality in the USA


Here is a really useful set of study guide notes on US history, ideal for GCSE or SAT






The First World War: The Western Front


Here is a brilliant series of National Archive podcasts featuring voices of the men who fought for Britain in the First World War


This is the ultimate online resource for all your WWI queries and this is another excellent resource for people researching the battles fought by the British Army, useful particularly to military historians


here is an in depth page on the Battle of Cambrai